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Birthdate:Aug 20
Cyrus Cyrus is a self-styled god and the would-be creator of what he refers to simply as the 'new world' - a utopia under his rule, free from all emotion and, therefore, released from the chains of suffering, pain and death. Seeing the world as a constant circling of hostility and violence caused by emotion and what he refers to simply as 'incompleteness', he seeks to break the cycle through any means possible...even if it means destroying the current world to create his own.
PlayerContact/HMDPlayed at pokedressingProfile CodesCyrus' past is a bit of a blank spot, though it's clear that he is a product of his circumstances as much as his own decisions; his childhood was troubled, but he carries no solid memories of the first seventeen years of his life. While these memories can be brought to the surface (being forcefully told, either directly or through implication, that he's "not good enough" is a particularly large mental trigger), any attempts to make him discuss the first half of his life will end in denial of the request and an insistence that those events have met their conclusion; he will acknowledge, however, that it was during that time that he formed his ideology.

Though he is not entirely free from his own 'incompleteness', Cyrus has renounced all emotion, positive and negative alike, as nothing but products of the weak human heart; as a result, he is calculating and cold when he speaks, with all the arrogance befitting a man who believes himself worthy to be a deity. Usually a calm, focused person, he isn't prone to acting rashly through fear or anger; at the same time, he is also both determined and highly stubborn, and once his mind is set on something, it's incredibly difficult to convince him to do otherwise.

For the entirety of his life, Cyrus has been very antisocial; as such, he lacks the critical social skills and understanding of emotion required to interact well with people on a day-to-day basis, and he has a strong aversion to physical contact. He has a tendency to talk to himself; even when he speaks to other people, he seems more to be thinking out loud for his own benefit than actually conversing with someone else. This tendency to ramble is often oddly interspersed with statements that are forcefully direct and sometimes appallingly blunt - when he has an opinion on something, he makes no secret of it, and he doesn't tend to care what others think of him.

Of course, all of this suits him just fine, since in his opinion very few individuals are actually worth his time.

Socially inept though he is, however, he's far from an idiot, and speaking to him long enough will reveal highly intelligent inner workings; he's a mechanical genius, and over the span of his 27 years, he has developed a talent for reading people almost as well as machines. Though he will refuse offers of friendship and discourages attempts to lead him in that direction, that doesn't mean he won't come to know what the people around him most often are thinking and feeling; he's also very manipulative when it suits him to be such, and he isn't afraid to use others' emotions against them.

When it comes to his own emotional state, Cyrus' outer coldness is mirrored by an ability to distance himself from most situations, shielding what remains of his own sense of humanity with denial and various defense mechanisms; however, despite his claims to the contrary, he is still deeply affected by negativity, and it's here that he remains fragile. Long periods of mental distress tend to render him unreachable, and his behavior shifts drastically toward one of two extremes: depending on what caused the issue, he may allow himself a rare display of genuine anger, lashing out verbally at everyone in the immediate vicinity and barely restraining himself from acting out physically as well. However, if he's in a state of extreme agitation, it's also possible that he'll close himself off completely; in this state, he begins exhibiting massive signs of flat affect, no longer acknowledging the presence of anyone around him and either refusing or unable to speak when addressed.

Of course, he doesn't acknowledge either of these reactions; if they were to be brought to his attention, the only logical explanation he could give would be that he has not yet removed his own incompleteness. Doing so remains the only way he sees to salvage the world he lives in; having seen the horrors that those around him inflict on one another, he firmly believes that the only way to solve the problems of all creation - human and Pokemon alike - is to start over, and he will do anything to achieve this goal.

Interests (102):

absolute control, apparently being tsundere, approaching people in caves, azelf, because of my learnings, becoming god, being an omnidisciplinary scientist, being surrounded by morons, blinding people with science, but it's symbolic, chains of command, clandestine subversion, completeness, confusing stupid people, conversing with myself, creating my own utopia, crobat, deeper understanding, defeating death, defying arceus, destruction leading to recreation, dialga, didn't i mention that, disliking ice cream, disproportionate retribution, disregarding that skitty order, do not go there, double helixes, emotionlessness, ending suffering, ffs, flat affect, for your own good, genetics, getting cynthia to back off, giratina, god complexes, good riddance, gyarados, honchkrow, houndoom, i totally won't need this masterball, i changed it now it rules, interdimensional portals that resemble lakes, it's not complaining when i do it, justifications, keeping subordinates in line, knowing more than others, legendary pokemon, logic, machinery, making your power my own, mesprit, messiah complexes, method, mt. coronet, my cult isn't quaint, my interests are superior, my sea serpent is superior, not having been reanimated, not allowing you to fight, omnicide, palkia, permanent solutions, pokemon, pontificating at length, preaching randomly at people, purple miasma hell, rationality, reason, recreating the world, red chains, relevance, remaking the universe, removing incompleteness, researching, science, scientists know everything, self-control, shamelessly spamming dark pulse, sinnoh mythology, sleep is for the weak, spear pillar, spectacle =/= violence, stoicism, symbiosis, team galactic, that literally tastes like diabetes, that's because you're ignorant, that's nice but i don't care, the distortion world, time and space, uxie, warping reality, weavile, well they started it, what, why would you even, world peace, you are an idiot, you go ahead and be wrong, your argument is invalid

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